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Behind The Scenes Of A Photoshoot

Sunflower Photographer - Family Photo - Rochester, Minnesota

The Benefits of Hiring a Photographer

Have you ever wanted a picture of your entire family? I mean when your at family reunion or family picnic or holiday, but wonder how in the heck are you going to get 30 plus people to corporate and be picture ready? Hiring a professional photographer like may be or only hope of getting a group that size organized to get that shot of everyone you love in one image. Let us do the hard work, getting everyone to be organized in one shot that looks professional and organized is not easy. We work with many different groupings and know what will work to capture a memorable loved photo you will want to hang on your wall for years to come. We also encourage you to look at pinterest to get large group photo ideas. It may be beneficial for that one or two uncooperative family member to get an idea of the look your going for. 

Document the Crucial Stages

Helpful tips when getting your group ready for the photo session before the photographer arrives.

*Be Ready to listen and follow directions. (Nothing is more stressful than a large group being rude and uncooperative.)

*Coordinate color theme well in advance. (Nothing ruins a image more than a person wearing a bright color like red or orange, when the whole group is in yellow)

* Get your grouping preplanned by the time the session is about to begin. The photographer only knows your all family, it’s not their job to guess, who you want placed next to each other. 

*Have Fun ( Your photographers want nothing more than to capture and present images you love, so have fun and enjoy your time together)

*Make suggestions and have some ideas of how you want your session to look on your walls. Check out ideas on Pintrest or Google for some great pose ideas, your comfortable with. The photographer has some great ideas, but it's uo to you to bring out your true personality.